Operation Snake

Single/Multi player Arma 3 sector control mission designed by Darjusz


  • Multiplayer ready mission - just grab the mission file from the download section and upload it on your server
  • Zeus-ready mission - Zeus is available after logging as admin in Multiplayer
  • Defensive sandbags and bunkers placement - get some cover with bunkers and sandbags that you're able to place and remove afterwards
  • Optional Task Force Radio integration out of the box - both short and long range frequencies are standardized so you don't need to wait for everyone to set up
  • Multiplayer mission parameters - allowing customization of gameplay by changing available options before starting the mission
  • Earplugs - now you can take off easily without hurting your ears
  • Dynamic Rewards System - once you capture the sector configurable rewards will spawn within the sector, this inclues: Arsenal crate, Halo flag pole, Transport boat, Transport truck and a Respawn position
  • AI difficulty presets - available in mission parameters to make the gameplay more challenging if needed
  • Vehicle Respawn script - once vehicle or aircraft is destroyed or abandoned it will respawn on it's initial position at base
  • Disabled stamina and weapon sway - provides more agressive way of attacking the sectors and transitioning from one to another
  • Two different AI behaviour systems - mixing two kinds of tactics give additional level of awareness
  • View Distance script - your settings will be stored in your Arma profile thus shared across different servers you'll be playing the mission on
  • Logistics script - pack some Zeus spawned ammo crates on to the chopper so you can rearm
  • Squad script - split your teammates by few teams and try to capture multiple sectors at once

Required mods

  • Unsung Vietnam War Mod
  • Community Based Addons (CBA)

Recommended mods

  • Task Force Radio
  • Achilles
  • ShackTac User Interface
  • Enhanced Movement.


You can get the mission files here and upload it on your server straight away!

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