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mjota.net server is being hosted by me in a private apartment (not a remote data center, nor a server farm facility), which means that I have to cover the full cost of running it. That means I have to pay for the internet bill, for the electricity bill and spend time on it if something isn't working as it supposed to, which sometimes takes HOURS of time to fix a simple looking issue. Server has a high power consumption rate, which I measure by having a power meter plugged into the socket where the server runs. Although donations aren't mandatory, I'd really appreciate if you help with that part of power bill that the server generates per month. How? There are multiple ways: becoming a Patreon, PayPal or Ko-Fi. At this point every amount matters, even if it's a small one.
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HP DL380 G6 Dedicated Server

We're running a HP DL380 G6 machine equiped with:

Brand HP
CPU 2xXeon 5670
Storage ~1TB of Storage Space
Download 750Mbit
Upload 75Mbit
Location Poland

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