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mjota.net - Project Zomboid server rules (subject to change):

1. PvP is forbidden, server is meant to be PvE/Co-Op.

PvP is for mercy kills, and self/property defense. PvP between consenting parties is allowed, but must be made clear on Discord, or ingame "/all" chat to avoid confusion. Announce your PvP act in ingame chat (/all).

2. No claiming POIs as safehouses.

No claiming of: Fire stations, Police departments, or any type of store/institution, including buildings having stores on ground floor.

3. Disassembling loot containers is forbidden.

Disassembly of loot spawning containers of POIs, or mass destruction of loot containers of residential buildings (such as bookshelves, kitchen counters, fridges, wardrobes, etc.) is strictly forbidden.

4. English in "/all" global chat.

To keep consistency with with our Discord server, and due to to the multinational nature of the playerbase, only use English in global chat. Feel free to use any language in private chats. The main channel for communication is #general-pz on our Discord.

5. No drama, toxicity or bullying - we are here to have fun.

We are here to play a game. Toxicity, religion and politics have no place here, and this will be enforced through warnings, muting, or bans. Even though we act with the rule freedom of speech principle it doesn't mean you can attack other players or members. Refrain from public accusations without first contacting an admin or moderator. The accuser has the burden of proof (at least: Date(s), Time(s), Location(s)).

6. Destruction of player-made base structures and containers is forbidden.

Destroying player built base structures, fortifications, containers, or any other methods of greifing are not allowed.

7. No advertisement.

Advertising other servers, including sending invites or asking members to join is forbidden. We will not take the responsibility for those. If you or your faction need a private text/voice chat, please let us know and we'll gladly help by making you those.

8. Report rule violations.

Moderators can be reached via in-game tickets, or on Discord: (#reports-rule-breaks or #help-support or by tagging a moderator - @zomboid moderator).