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mjota.net - Land Lease option

Every now and then, some of you ask about the possibility of claiming self-built structures. As many of you know, running our server costs real money, as it's run from a dedicated server machine in the owners house, and this is quite expensive in both electricity, and internet bills. All donations are appreciated, and every single dollar of your support means a lot, and helps tremendously. We've decided to combine these two facts, and will now Allow players to lease land of their choosing! We're giving the option to help the server owner with the expenses of the server, and in return you can have a personalized land of your choosing. As of today, anyone that donates via PayPal or Patreon will be granted a plot of land of your choosing, with the size depending on the size of your contribution.

There are three tiers you can choose from (those sizes correspond to donation tiers, i.e. smallest donation amount will get you the smallest land size):

Small: 15x15 (225 tiles)

Medium: 20x20 (400 tiles)

Large: 24x24 (576 tiles)

Get your piece of land now!

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  1. Your plot of land can only be a square of the given sizes.
  2. Your plot of land can't contain, and must have at-least 1-tile buffer from any existing infrastructure, such as roads, fences, bridges, wells, or buildings.
  3. You lease the land for a period of one wipe, no switching places mid-game.
  4. As with all donations so far, there are no refunds, even if you change your mind, or can't play during the lease period for whatever reason.

Screenshots for area scale reference:

Get your piece of land now!

Click on the Donate button on the right to start the process...